Having spent most of my Christmas break in bed ill I’ve had a while to reflect on the past year. I’m not someone that normally makes resolutions, I find I put too much pressure on myself to achieve them but I do like having goals to work towards. It’s not so much a big life style change but something for me to work towards.

This blog post is more for my future self, I want to look back to see what I achieved and what I still need to work on. This year I have 18 goals for myself but for this post I’ll just be talking about the main categories.

1. Get back into a fitness routine.

When I lived at home I was a member of my local gym and went about 4 times a week. I was waiting until I was settled in to a routine before I joined a gym in my new city and now I feel ready.

Another aspect of this goal is joining a club, I’m considering joining one at uni and one near my flat as I want to make friends in both places. I find going to a class, for me, is more motivational than just the gym. It’s something you do each week and if you have friends in the class it’s good for a catch up.

It’s so important to have an exercise routine in your 20’s as it sets you up for life.

2. To work on my diet.

This isn’t about making a radical change and I’m not interested in losing weight but there are 3 main aspects I want to change.

  • Sugar. There is so much sugar in my diet that is really unnecessary. I want to cut down on this as it’s not healthy.
  • Vitamins. I’m dairy free so I want to ensure I’m still getting enough calcium and anything else I am missing out on through other food.
  • More plant based meals. I want to try and make an effort to have one meat free dinner a week.

3. Become more productive.

This year I need to be more organised, my first semester at uni was a disaster because I was, literally, all over the place. I was travelling between three cities and hadn’t fully unpacked my stuff.

Once I was settled and not travelling so much I began to write up a weekly plan on my whiteboard and used my academic planner. I found that I struggled to stick to them as I didn’t always have them on me.

This year in an attempt to stick to this better I have joined the hype and made a bullet journal. I didn’t go for the usual blank notebook/ dotted notebook and went for a lined one as it suits me better. Structuring a personal planner/journal to my style will hopefully be more effective for me.

The main reason for this goal is that I want to have good grades this semester and I want to enjoy my day off without feeling guilty about not doing housework or uni work.

4. To save money.

This is a big goal for this year. I desperately want to pay my car off this year and I also have bills to pay over summer without the help of student loans. Another big aspect of this is that it is my 21st this year and I would love to go on holiday.

I’m hoping to achieve this in two ways. Something I am trying in January is making no unnecessary purchases. The only money I will be spending is on my bills and essentials such as food and petrol.

We live in such a wasteful society and I feel like the fashion industry contributes to this. So this year I am going to be cutting down on the amount of new clothes I buy. I am hoping to create new outfits through the clothes I currently have.

5. To put myself out my comfort zone.

This is going to be my most challenging goal for this year.

I really struggle with having the confidence to talk to people I don’t know. This is something that depends on the situation. For example, I can easily make small talk in work with colleagues and customers, you need to be in retail. However I struggle in social situations.

As I’m in a new city and in my first year of uni this is something that needs to change if I have any hope of making friends.

It’s hard essentially starting over and making new friends in your 20’s but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

These are my 5 big goal categories for the year but I also have some fun smaller ones such as:

  • To read more. I absolutely love reading so this year I am making it a goal to read one a month (I’m already finished January’s).
  • To get better at doing my eye shadow. I love doing my make up now but I still struggle with my eye shadow so I need to put in a bit of practice.

Posted by:everythingevening

I am a 22-year-old, student blogger based in Dundee, Scotland. I focus on Fashion, Travel, Food and Lifestyle all on a student budget. My blog started as I was learning about the city I was in and wanted to share it with other people who may be moving there.

6 replies on “My 2018 Goals

  1. We share a lot of similar goals, and I also started my first bullet journal this year! Really hoping 2018 is the year of being productive for me too haha 🙂 Also yay to plant-based meals, I hope that goes well for you! x

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  2. Great post! I’m just like you – I find it quite hard to approach people, too. But don’t worry! Especially at uni it’s quite easy to make new friends as you meet so many more people than at school. Many might come and go, but some will stay and that’s where you’ll know the friendship is worth pursuing! 💕 Good luck with all your goals! xx

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