This year I decided to join the hype and make a bullet journal. I don’t know why I haven’t discovered this before as I’ve been having so much fun setting it up. It’s so much easier than my previous attempts at getting organised.

Most people have chosen a blank notebook or a dotted one for their bullet journal. This is great if you are looking to have as much creativity with your bullet journal as possible but for myself, I actually chose an A5 lined notebook. There is a few blank pages but for someone that can’t write in a straight line, this was the best option for myself.

Most of my ideas have been found on YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest. My main source of inspiration has been Amanda Rach Lee.

So here is my set up!

The first pages of my bullet journal is a yearly calendar along with a page for entering 2018, this includes two quotes that I liked. The calendar is probably the most time-consuming part, I’d recommend using pencil first then going over it in pen as one mistake ruins the whole page.

Before I got into the more serious parts of my journal I decided create some fun pages. For myself, this was books I want to read page and things I want to watch page. I split my things I want to watch page into two categories of Movies and TV shows. I also have two pages for my blog, an ideas page and a milestone tracker. The ideas page is filling up fast so this will probably feature a few more times throughout the year.

Next is my uni section, it’s the biggest section so far. It begins with a quote and my timetable/train times to uni. This just saves me scrolling through my camera roll for my timetable and checking the trains every night.

I have dedicated 12 pages to tracking each week of my semester. On each page, I have my goals for the week and a study log to track how many hours I have studied. Each of my subjects is given a colour for the log as this will allow me to see if a subject is falling behind.

After this I have my grade tracker and assignment page. Last semester I had a few weeks where multiple things were due some of which even clashed. I find that writing down all the dates is really helpful as it highlights where there are overlaps. In turn this allows me to be organised and complete one of the clashing items early.

I decided the best thing to have after this was a self care spread. I do find university stressful so it is really important to look after myself. This spread was a lot of fun to draw out. I have written all the different things I find helpful to de-stress depending on my mood.

I have a few more pages dotted throughout such as recipes, quick meal fixes and a uni reading list. I have a year in review page where I will be writing memories as they happen. My favourite page to look at is my year in pixels.


Then I have my January spread. My front page is the calendar with different colours so I can see what happened on what day. This is something I will continue for each month as although it is simple it looks good.

I don’t find myself to be to busy so my January spread so far is only 4 pages. The first page is split into 3 sections; important dates, goals and tasks. My next two pages are split in half and have been split into weeks.

I have absolutely loved spending time on my bullet journal and it is something I will continue to use for the whole year. Bullet journals are so unique to the person that creates it which is the main aspect that I love. There is no wrong way to set it up!


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I am a 22-year-old, student blogger based in Dundee, Scotland. I focus on Fashion, Travel, Food and Lifestyle all on a student budget. My blog started as I was learning about the city I was in and wanted to share it with other people who may be moving there.

39 replies on “Bullet Journal Set-Up

    1. Once it’s set up it’s really not time consuming to continue with it! The beginning is the most time consuming and even then I reckon I spent about 3 hours in total for everything so far, it’s helped me so much so far I can’t recommend it enough


  1. These are awesome bullet journal pages! I especially love the self care page… “nourish to flourish”. That’s great!💖 —

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  2. I couldn’t wait to read this as I’m just starting my very own bullet journal – for the very first time too! I’m so uncreative so I’ve been trying to find all the inspiration I can get.

    “Each of my subjects are given a colour for the log as this will allow me to see if a subject is falling behind.” I love this idea, and I think I’m going to apply the same colour-coded arrangement to my own subjects!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, they’ve been incredibly insightful and useful!

    Leigh Clrk xoxo

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