Since January is finally over (I can’t be the only one who felt like it was never going to end!) I thought I would welcome February with a post about my January beauty favourites. I received a lot of new beauty products for Christmas and have just been loving testing them out.

The first product in my favourites would have to be the make up revolution conceal and define concealer. I have seen so many reviews for this product and it has been selling out fast. As a dupe for Tarte’s shape tape concealer and with 18 shades I can understand why it has been selling out. With my regular concealer changing formula I decided to give this one a shot. I don’t wear foundation everyday so I bought the shade C3 to provide me with some coverage, if I did wear foundation I’d probably have chosen C1. After using this product for a week I don’t think I will ever use another concealer again. It comes with a nice big applicator and the formula is amazing; it’s long lasting, doesn’t change colour and blends beautifully giving me really good coverage. If you can get your hands on this product I would highly recommend it as it is an absolute bargain at £4!

My next favourite product is a highlighter palette and another Make Up Revolution product. (Why have I only just discovered this brand?!) 

This is their highlighter palette in collaboration with the lovely SophDoesNails and as a highlighter hoarder she has managed to create the perfect palette. There are 8 shades and honestly there is something for everyone in this. I have been loving the pink and gold shades (I have not yet been brave enough to venture onto the purple one) and I just love how it looks on. This is priced at £8 which works out at £1 a shade, which I think is so reasonable.

Something that I have been reaching for quite a lot this month has been my setting spray. As I wear a powdered foundation I felt like primer wasn’t enough to keep my make up on for the duration of a night out so I purchased a setting spray. I didn’t want to spend too much money on this as I have really sensitive skin and am always sceptical of new products in case I have a reaction. This is the Collection Primed & Ready make up fixing spray, priced at £5.99 (It’s on offer at boots for £3.99 right now.) Now I haven’t tried any other setting sprays but I do really love this one. My make up stays on and in place for a whole day / a whole night out and when I have one that’s cheap and works I’m not likely to spend money on a different product.

Now sadly I don’t think this next product can be bought outwith the set it came in. For Christmas I received a beautiful Ted Baker make up set from my boyfriend’s parents. I’ve been loving every single product in this set but my favourite would have to be the blush palette. The blush is a gorgeous shade of pink and it’s just so aesthetically please, it is in rose gold packaging, and even features a mirror!

And last but not least for make up products is the Soap & Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl twist up eyeliner. These were in the Soap and Glory advent calendar and at first I wasn’t sure I would use any of these pencils. There are 5 shades; silver, purple, blue, black and a brown that is shimmery. I have never used any eyeliner outside of black so I decided to start playing around with these and that is when I fell in love with the brown shimmer one and the silver. The silver has been my favourite one and I actually wear this above my regular black eyeliner, it’s slightly over dramatic but perfect for the party season and night outs. The pencil itself goes on very easily and it lasts all day without smudging or moving. Again, I think these were limited edition for the advent calendar but I do know that NYX has some fun eyeliner colours out just now!

Skin care products are another thing that I always receive at Christmas time and this year my skin was needing a bit of TLC. It has become very dry as I am in out of the cold departments in work. I do find winter to be harsh on my skin but this year has been so much worse than before because of the new job so I thought I would try out some new products as soon as I received them.

Now I have only been using these for a month as I do feel for me this is a reasonable amount of time to know if a product is working.

First up is the Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life. Before I bought the advent calendar I had never used any Soap & Glory products apart from eyeliner. I thought I would see if this would help clear the dry skin from my hands and face and it has worked miracles. I am really prone to dry skin on my eyebrows all year round and my make up just clings to it, this product has cleared all of that away. You don’t need to use much at all to see the results and I think it smells really nice. This is normally £7.00 for a 200ml bottle.

Staying with Soap and Glory my next product is their Hand Food. Working in a supermarket constantly handling heavy boxes has left my hands dry and irritated. I normally wear gloves in work and it seems to aggravate the situation so I was excited to see if this hand cream would help. It is a non-greasy hydrating hand cream that is scented with rose & bergamot. This is something I use every other day and it has really helped return my skin back to normal. I find the cream sinks quickly into skin and it really is non-greasy. It is also not expensive for a hand cream, priced at £2.50 for a 50ml bottle (perfect handbag size) or £5.50 for 125ml.

And the last skincare product I have added to my routine is the Nivea Soft Moisturising cream. This is for face, body and hands but I have mostly just been using this on my face and neck. It has a really nice fresh scent and doesn’t take too long to be absorbed. My dry patches on my face have really cleared up since I’ve gotten into a daily routine of using this. I received this 200ml tub in a Nivea Gift set but it can be purchased in boots for £4.29.

What have been your recent beauty favourites? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Ok I need to get my hands on that makeup revolution concealer because I have heard from pretty much everyone that it is amazing, and as much as I live for my Shape Tape if theres a cheaper alternative that does the some job I am so here for it! Also, I love your copper basket, where did you get it from??? Lovely post babe xx

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