The last few days of February I have been snowed in. I was back at university for 2 days before it closed for 3 days due to the snow. All of the trains have been cancelled so I haven’t been able to collect my car (it’s in for repairs with my parents) so dealing with the snow and public transport has been interesting. To stay occupied I’ve been writing some blog posts and studying for an exam that’s been postponed.

February is such a short month so I haven’t done much shopping but I do have a few things that I have been loving. I’m not limiting this favourites post to just beauty as I haven’t changed enough to write a full post about it.

The first item in my favourites is my NYX Ultimate eye shadow palette. This is the warm neutrals palette. I have had this for probably a year now and although I have been using other eye shadows throughout the winter season this will always be my favourite. The shades are very pigmented, there isn’t any fall out and it’s the perfect size for travelling. You can probably see my favourite shades as I am not far away from hitting the pan. For someone who never really used eye shadow before purchasing this it has been the perfect first palette. It is still available from boots for £16, you can find it here.

Sticking with beauty my next favourites product is the Make Up Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour kit. I purchased this in the shade Ultra Fair C01. This little palette has been the perfect tool to introduce me to contouring. It includes a bronzer, highlighter and a blusher all of which are amazing. The glow from the highlighter is incredible. My make up skills have slowly been improving and I am now confident to try contouring. The bronzer is a really good shade for my almost transparent skin and it’s just a really handy palette to carry about. One of my favourite things about this palette is that it has a small mirror along the top, it’s not enough to see your full face but definitely big enough for eye make-up, eyebrows and lipstick. This product is only £3.50 in superdrug and you can find it here.

The last two beauty products are something I received for Christmas. My mum managed to pick the perfect shade of lipstick for me! My go to for lipstick has always been red, I’m blonde so to me red just made sense. However, in the last year or so I have reached more and more for plum shades. This one is slightly different. Normally I only buy matte lipsticks, I find they are the easiest to apply but this one isn’t matte. This is the Avon True Colour Lipstick in the shade Wine with Everything. It is infused with shea butter and vitamin E and you can really tell. This lipstick is really moisturising and has really good pigment. It is slightly more pink than my normal plum shades but I love it. I have paired it with the deep plum lip liner from Avon and I find that it stays on for hours. Both of these products are so affordable, the lipstick is £7.50 and the lip liner is £6. I can’t recommend this enough!

This month I was kindly gifted a new pair of Air Max for Valentine’s day. I am going to be doing a whole blog post about these shoes but they had to have a mention here. If you follow me on instagram you will have seen that I post photos of sneakers all the time. I collect sneakers and these have been a lovely addition to my collection. These are the Nike Air Max 1 SD and are currently on sale for £76. It does seem expensive but Air Max are one of my favourite shoes. They are so comfy and versatile. This pair is a lovely pink suede which will be perfect for Spring and Summer. I have been desperate to wear them (and have managed it once or twice) despite the winter weather.

This year I was determined to read more and so far I have read a book a month. The book I read this month was called Coming Clean by Kimberly Rae Miller. I read this on my kindle and it was a fantastic read. It is about a daughter growing up with parents that are hoarders. Her Dad has always been a hoarder and after an illness her mother also develops a hoarding issue out of spite. This was in a time where hoarding didn’t have a name and it wasn’t widely known. After finishing this book I started Sarah Millican’s How to be Champion. I previously wrote about this in my book haul and I have been absolutely loving it. I haven’t got that far but the book is just so relatable and has had me laughing most of the way through it.

And last but not least this month I have been loving podcasts and I am going to do a whole post about the different podcasts I love but Keeping It Candid just had to be mentioned. This is a weekly pop culture podcast by Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton. Both are bloggers who discuss different things within the blogging world but also current topics. It’s just such a nice chatty listen and when I finish I find myself wishing there was more than one upload a week. They include so many tips throughout their podcast episodes and also now include a blogger question at the end of each episode.

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments!


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I am a 22-year-old, student blogger based in Dundee, Scotland. I focus on Fashion, Travel, Food and Lifestyle all on a student budget. My blog started as I was learning about the city I was in and wanted to share it with other people who may be moving there.

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  1. That lipstick is everything I need and more! Definitely buying that next week! I’ve been meaning to start listening to podcasts but I wouldn’t even know which ones are good or bad so I’m so glad I came across this post today.


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  2. I don’t always do my eyes, but that eye shadow palette has most of my favourite colours! It’s not bad of a price as well. And Avon has some great stuff as well. Nice post, hun. Thanks for sharing x Ain


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