Recently I read a pretty negative article about ASOS stocking size 2 clothing. The article stated that shoppers have slammed them for stocking such a small size. There’s now been more than one article about it and twitter seems to be split 50/50 about whether this is ok. So I thought I’d give my opinions as I grew up a size 0-4 only beginning to fit into a size 6 when I turned 17.

Being a size 0-4 growing up wasn’t easy. I remember going school uniform shopping and having to get an age 9 skirt despite being 14 when some of my friends were getting ‘adult clothes’ aka size 6/8 skirts from Primark.

When I turned 16 I started working and going to parties and that’s when I began to realise how hard it was to purchase clothes in my size, especially from the high street. Most shops only sold clothes beginning at a size 6, I think Quiz was one of the only places that stocked lower than that. I was stuck with very limited choices or to wear children’s clothing. Now trying to stay in fashion and on trend and wearing children’s clothes was really difficult. Can you imagine going dress shopping with your friends and heading for the kids section whilst they had the option of the whole shop?

I do occasionally still buy kids clothing and I’m no longer a size 0-4 but I love having the option of the whole store first.

So in regards to ASOS stocking a size 2, I’m happy. I’d have loved to have grown up with something like ASOS that allowed me to stay fashionable whilst also properly fitting my petite frame.

ASOS stocking a size 2 is probably helping many women across the county. Although there is still a limited number of items there’s far more options than most high street shops. It’s making clothing for petite women affordable and available because let’s be real would you want to have had no choice but to continue wearing kids clothes past the age of 16?

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I am a 22-year-old, student blogger based in Dundee, Scotland. I focus on Fashion, Travel, Food and Lifestyle all on a student budget. My blog started as I was learning about the city I was in and wanted to share it with other people who may be moving there.

15 replies on “ASOS stocking size 2 clothes – Is it Ok?

  1. I agree with you! I wear a size 2/4 and see no reason why a retailer would NOT carry a “smaller” size. It’s smaller than average, but I certainly don’t think wearing below a size 4 entails unhealthy weight or size. On the other hand, retailers should be accommodating both ends of the size spectrum rather than leaning too heavily one way or the other.

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  2. We are finally starting to see more plus size clothes enter each of the shops so it shouldn’t be any different for people who are smaller. I don’t understand why ASOS got so much slack about it! I totally agree with every point you have made xx

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  3. For someone who’s been extremely small since a young age I can appreciate ASOS so much now. I’m 18 and I’ve only really started to be able to fit into ‘adult ‘ clothing because of the small sizes they’ve introduced, ASOS easily cater for everyone no matter what size they are and I think it’s ridiclous people slamming them for this!

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  4. I agree! I always had to buy clothes aimed at younger kids because I was so small! My first communion dress when I was eight was aged 4-5 years – and it’s always been like that! My poor mama had to take in the waist of all my school skirts. I think it’s a great thing that ASOS is stocking smaller sizes – body positivity means accepting ALL body types. Great post!

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  5. I am super tall so I don’t think I would ever fit into a size 2, but I do wear size 4,6 and sometimes 8 and I know for a fact so many small slim girls will be happy about asos doing a size 2 and I am go glad tbh! Because like you said, i used to go shop in the New Look Teens section and always felt embarrassed. Loved reading this! x

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  6. I’m 23 now and a UK size 4. When I was 14/15 I think even a size 2 would have been too big for me. Most of my clothes were a size 6 as most places didn’t even stock a 4 yet. It’s awful! You’re living like an adult, you don’t want to have to wear kids stuff. I’m only 5ft so I still fit in kids clothes but I honestly would have loved this when I was younger. People complaining are only jealous that they wouldn’t fit into them. It’s ridiculous x



  7. Love this. All stores should sell clothes to suit each end of the weight spectrum. I don’t think anyone should ever feel like they can’t feel confident, comfortable and fashionable. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best and it’s really disappointing when big fashion brands don’t consider those a outside what might be considered the norm.


  8. I am an extremely petite woman; I’m only 4-foot-11; I wear an XS in tops and a size 5 (US size — the smallest size available) in shoes. Finding pieces that fit me can be extremely difficult; there aren’t too many places that stock petite sizes and ones that do can be extremely expensive (Anthropologie for example.)

    ASOS is one of my go-to stores for trendy clothes that aren’t overly expensive and that actually fit. Really, we should be inclusive of everyone; we don’t have control over the bodies that we are given and we should we welcoming women of *all* sizes!

    Great post! x


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