March 26th for those of you who aren’t sneakerheads is known as Air Max Day. This day celebrates the release of the 1987 Tinker Hatfield designed air max, the first Air Max shoe that showcased the air. This obviously changed the game for Nike as the shoe is now known for the displayed air bubble. Each year Nike releases limited-edition air max in the run-up to the day and then a big release on the day. This year’s big release was the Air Max 270 in various colours.

In honour of Air Max Day 2018, I thought I would show you guys my collection of Air Max so far. There have been a few colourways I have missed out on over the last few years but I love the ones in my collection.

The first pair would be my Nike Air Max 1 from the Aloha Pack. These were the first ‘expensive’ trainers I bought with the intention of starting a collection. My favourite part of this shoe is the fact the pattern isn’t exactly the same on both. I also love the shade of blue used for the Nike swoosh. As I have had these for a few years the suede is needing to be shaved and the black has gone slightly patchy from the rain but I don’t think I will ever get rid of these shoes.

Air Max 90’s were a shoe I had a love/hate relationship with. Where I grew up this was the shoe you wore if you were a ned (a chav or whatever your equivalent is) and I completely associated this silhouette with them. That was until the Flyknit pack released and I completely changed my mind. I added these to my collection in February 2017. The colourway of this shoe totally determines what I associate them with so I went for the classic Infrared. These are 100% a Spring/Summer shoe as they just soak through in the rain. I love the bright orange/red colour as they really enhance a simple white tee, black jeans outfit.

Next up is my Red Anniversary Air Max 1’s from the 2017 release. I love this colourway so much although I am gutted I missed out on the anniversary blue pair. This shoe has a cream and red suede upper which is pretty difficult to keep clean so I limit these shoes to good weather days. My favourite part of this shoe is the date 26.3 on the tongue, it is such a simple design yet it looks so good. To me, these are just the classic Air Max shoe.

My Air Max 97’s are probably the pair I wear the most. These can be worn in most weathers and clean up far more easily than my suede ones. The pair I own are the Silver Bullets. I missed out on the first release of these in 2017 however they have released numerous times since then. Normally I buy kids shoes as there isn’t always a noticeable difference, however, for these, I bought women’s. The kids’ shoes were missing the white stripe that wraps around the upper and I just preferred having that as part of the design. I actually had to buy these from a site that ships from Sweden as I had completely missed out on the UK release.

The last pair in my collection has featured on my blog twice now. These are the pink suede Air Max 1’s. I have recently featured them in a post called Dress up them kicks?! where I showed that I do wear my sneakers when I’m going out for dinner or on nights out. This colourway is just stunning. Absolutely perfect for Spring/Summer and I am desperate to wear these properly. As you can imagine pale pink suede shoes can get really dirty really quickly which is why I spray them with Crep Protect before wearing them outside and then use Jason Markk cleaning kit to continue looking after them. Those two products I have mentioned are something I use on all of my shoes. I would hate to spend so much money and for them to be permanently stained.

This post was a lil bit different but I hope you have enjoyed a small look into my sneaker collection.

Until next time,


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I am a 22-year-old, student blogger based in Dundee, Scotland. I focus on Fashion, Travel, Food and Lifestyle all on a student budget. My blog started as I was learning about the city I was in and wanted to share it with other people who may be moving there.

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