Finally, I have returned to my blog after exam season and what better way to come back than with a favourites post. This month I have mostly been loving food and TV shows. (Great excuses for procrastinating, am I right?) Anyways with exams now behind me for a few months here are my April favourites.

We’ll start this post with some of my beauty favourites this month. First up is the Seventeen Stay Time foundation. This product is being discontinued from boots and when I purchased this it was £1.95 but has now returned to £6.49. They are offering a free gift when you buy two items, I got an eyeliner with my order which I have yet to try. I discovered this product through Katie and Lauren on Twitter. Lauren has raved about this product for a while and when Katie tweeted a photo showing the coverage along with the discounted price I just knew I had to buy it. I wasn’t sure what shade I would be and with the price, I decided to order both porcelain and soft ivory. Porcelain is slightly too pale for me but I’m sure it’ll be fine for the winter months. Soft Ivory, however, is such a good match. The shade range isn’t great however for a pale girl like myself it is perfect. This is a foundation that I actually don’t mind wearing, I’ve only ever really worn foundation for big nights out rather than every day as I’ve never found one I liked. As much as this is being discontinued I think I might have found one I am happy to wear daily. This gives such a full coverage without feeling heavy or cakey and it blends so easily. If I don’t wear a primer it does separate around dry patches however, I love how little you need to use for a full face. I’m going to need to stock up before it gets discontinued.


The next beauty related item is a Lush shampoo bar. Throughout March my scalp was an absolute mess, it was really dry and this caused it to be constantly itchy. I don’t know if it was the cold weather we had in March mixed with working in the fridge section of a supermarket that made it so bad but I needed a quick fix. I decided the best thing to do was try a more natural shampoo so I headed straight to Lush. The staff as always were really helpful in helping me pick the right product and I chose to purchase the Soak and Float one. This will now be my regular shampoo! My scalp has completely cleared up and I seem to get an extra day between washes now compared to before. It is really soft on my hair and it smells amazing. This shampoo also comes with an advantage, there’s no plastic packaging to dispose of, this just comes in a regular paper bag from Lush. It is a little more pricey than regular shampoo, the bar I chose was £6.50. However, I have been using this for 6 weeks now and it’s yet to run out. I do think it will only last 2 months but I will be 100% be repurchasing when it finishes.

Soak And Float shampoo bar

(I don’t have any photos before I started using this product so this is from Lush’s website)

Now some of my food favourites this month. Since it’s been exam season I have not stopped snacking, is anyone else like this? Whilst studying I don’t stop eating, I eat when I’m bored or reward myself with food when I finish a page of notes. It is always sweet unhealthy things that I reach for but thankfully this month I discovered chocolate covered rice cakes. These have been keeping me sane throughout exam season and have satisfied my sweet tooth whilst not being too unhealthy. This packet is from Lidl and inside you get 3 packets of 3 rice cakes, great for taking them out for the day. They are 99p for the packet which is great for all budgets.

Another thing I constantly reach for during exams is tea and coffee. I don’t particularly like warm coffee but being dairy free I don’t have many options for pre-made cold coffees. That was until I discovered Alpro’s new range in Sainsbury’s. This is part of their Caffe range. This range only has two flavours; a coffee and hazelnut option or a coffee and soya, caramel. Personally, I have only tried the caramel one as my favourite drink is a Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks and this has been a great alternative to have in the house. As usual, Alpro is killing it with dairy-free alternatives and this £2.50 per litre carton.


Last of my favourites for this month is Brooklyn nine-nine. For some reason, I tried watching this a few years ago and I didn’t like it. Then I started seeing gifs and pictures of the show and a few people talking about it so I decided to give it another go. I genuinely don’t know why I ever disliked this show. It’s an American sitcom based on detectives and each character is so well written. The show does cover some more serious topics but in a way that it’s not too heavy. This is on Netflix and season 5 is currently running just now. If you’re looking for an easy watch then this is the show. Each episode is only around 20 minutes long which has been great for my exam breaks.

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments!


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I am a 22-year-old, student blogger based in Dundee, Scotland. I focus on Fashion, Travel, Food and Lifestyle all on a student budget. My blog started as I was learning about the city I was in and wanted to share it with other people who may be moving there.

40 replies on “April Favourites.

  1. I used to love a mascara from Seventeen but I haven’t tried their foundations, I’m super pale too so I’ll have to see if my local Boots have any next time I go in store! I used to love chocolate covered rice cakes when I was trying to lose weight but still have something chocolatey! Hope your exams have gone well lovely & I love your Toy Story bedding it’s so cute!

    Jess //


  2. The Lush shampoo sounds amazing! 💖 I’m also a big fan of chocolate rice cakes, they are the perfect snack when craving something sweet. I need to try the Latte Alpro, I don’t drink regular milk either, currently I have either oat milk or rice milk in my tea but your suggestion sounds delicious! Thanks for the recommendation 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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  3. I’ve raved about the Seventeen Stay Time Foundation so much before, it’s been a staple in my makeup collection ever since I first started wearing makeup and I still love it to this day, although I’m pretty disheartened that it’s disappearing.. 😩 I hope Boots create another brand just as fabulous as Seventeen is replace the range! ✨

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  4. I’ve heard the amazing things about the seventeen foundation. Not only as a drugstore foundation, but as a foundation overall. I wanted to buy it, but then I heard that they’re discontinuing the brand. I don’t want to fall in love with a foundation only to have it be discontinued. Great post love xxx

    Melina |


  5. I am glad I read this, my scalp has been seriously itchy recently and i have no idea why, I have never thought of trying Soak and Float despite the fact I used to work at Lush haha! I am going to give it a go! x


  6. I like the sound of that shampoo bar. I wouldn’t mind getting an extra day between hair washings.
    I used to watch and like Brooklyn nine nine but stop watching it like a year ago, but now I feel like I should get back to it.
    Lovely post! xx


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