When I applied to Uni through clearing last year, I thought I was so lucky. I was going to a good university that had a dreamy campus and I was moving to a new city with my boyfriend. I was full of hope but what transpired wasn’t what I expected at all.

The biggest mistake I made was deciding to commute to university from my new city. Commuting to uni or college is absolutely fine, I did it for 2 years and still made friends and had a great time. But it didn’t work out like that this time.

Commuting does make it a bit harder to make friends, not impossible but not as easy as halls. Especially at my uni where most first-year students do move into halls. I struggled to make friends there and I struggled to make friends in my new city.

There were multiple things that went wrong for me during my first year at university. The first 8 weeks I had to travel home to work at the weekend until I got a transfer. I was split across three cities and was doing something every single day.  To say the least, this was draining both mentally and physically. When you hit week 9 of a semester that’s when most coursework is due and exams are only 2 weeks away. I was stressed and upset that I didn’t get the chance to study with having so much on my plate.

Fast forward to my Spring semester, I thought I would be more settled. I was in a routine with work and travelling and thought it would be easier. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I spoke to barely anyone at uni, I didn’t know anyone in Dundee and the loneliness hit hard. I struggled to get through the semester and my exam related anxiety came back to haunt me. Eventually, I failed half of my first year.

Part of the failure was due to losing interest in my course. I signed up for a Marketing degree, and throughout the year I had maybe 6 marketing lectures. My core modules were all business related and I know that’s a good basis but it wasn’t what I was looking for. I was heartbroken that I failed but considering everything that has happened I’m not surprised.

Now I had to decide what I was doing. Could I afford to go back and repeat first year on a part-time basis? Did I even want to go back to that uni? Did I want to go to any uni? Or was I ready for a ‘real’ job?

I made the decision that I didn’t want to go back to somewhere I wasn’t happy but this decision was devastating as I felt I hadn’t given it a proper chance. I want a degree in Marketing and yet I was giving up before I’d even started the subject!

Thankfully I have previous qualifications and a uni in Dundee still had clearing spaces. I spoke with the head of the course and it is exactly what I am wanting in a degree. Not only have I been accepted to study Marketing with them I am able to progress onto the SECOND YEAR!!

I have mixed feelings, I am so happy that I am able to progress on to a course more suited to me and nearer my new home. However, I have to start over again and I am a little worried everyone will already be in friend groups. But the main thing is, I am excited to have my fresh start, a short walk to Uni and be completely based in one city.

What was your University experience? Or are you still considering whether University is for you? Let me know in the comments!

Posted by:everythingevening

I am a 22-year-old, student blogger based in Dundee, Scotland. I focus on Fashion, Travel, Food and Lifestyle all on a student budget. My blog started as I was learning about the city I was in and wanted to share it with other people who may be moving there.

16 replies on “Moving Uni?!

  1. I hope you prefer your new uni! I commutes to uni and I definitely agree it hinders you making friends, I totally regret it but I love what I study and I was never too busy so it didn’t get to me so much x


  2. My university experience was.. let’s say it could’ve been better. I started my education with the idea of transferring to a different major after the 1st year but quickly realised that the major I thought I wanted, I would never be able to finish. So I continued with the one I started with, it was interesting, but too demanding. I started a full time job in the last year, thinking “okay, it’s the last year, I can do it”. Spoiler alert – it took me 2 more years to graduate lol But I did. And don’t think I would ever jump into this education pool again.



  3. Things always work out in the end! I hated uni, I struggled to make friends on my course because everyone was very wealthy and I couldn’t afford the lifestyle they had and all I wanted to do was work. I graduated just over two years ago and I realise now that I didn’t make the most of it and I will always regret it. Don’t look at anything as a failure though, you’ve learnt about what you do and don’t like and learnt from your choices. That’s even better than a First in my eyes! Great post and good luck.


  4. I had a very different experience to you having enjoyed my first year and my course however my sister too found her first year difficult. It can seem in the media that university is good for everyone who goes and this is why its so important to talk about the struggles of uni too. Well done xx


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