Since my summer has now officially ended I thought I’d talk about what we got up to in the last week of our summer. We have spent most of the summer working and decided we needed to make the last week a good one. I was invited along to GoApe and jumped at the chance as it is something I have been wanting to do for a while. It’s basically just a big playground for adults!

We visited GoApe at Crathes Castle in Aberdeen, this one was pretty close to us and also gave us the chance to visit somewhere new. There are 3 GoApe’s in Scotland with another 30 around the UK, you can find your nearest GoApe here.

When we arrived at GoApe we read over the safety and signed our forms. We were then put into our harnesses and taken over to the training area. This is where you learn how to use the harness; what parts to clip on to the wires first. This bit is so important as once you are up in the trees you are on your own. There are instructors dotted around and would be there in an instant if you were stuck.

Crathes Castle has 5 parts to the course each bit completely different and it took us around two and a half hours to complete. I am so happy the weather was nice however it is still open in the rain. We were lucky the day we chose was very quiet so it was just us and another couple going around the course.

The first part of the course is a small training area this is where you make sure you are confident with the harness and being up in the trees. It also lets you practice going down a zip line and how to land – despite this on every zip line of the course I always ended up facing the wrong way and landing on my backside.

And then you are on your own and ready to go at your own pace. We let the other couple go first as they had been before and we knew we’d be a bit slower. This part of the course has a small ‘Tarzan’ jump. You jump off the platform and into a cargo net which you then climb up to get to the next platform. This was when Nick had a bit of a wobble with heights and our instructor was at the bottom talking him through it which really helped him to just go for it.

We then climbed through the trees and reached our first zip line. They are so long and I never wanted it to end!

My favourite parts of the course were sections 4 and 5. This part of the course is split into difficulties so you choose an easier route or the difficult one. I chose the difficulty part both times with Nick being less co-ordinated choosing the easier option. This part of the course brought us so many laughs as I kept getting stuck on the hoops. The first part of this zip line has a skateboard that you stand on to go down.

In section 5 this again is split into difficulty levels because of the Tarzan jump. This jump is higher than the first one and we had been warned a lot of people struggle with it. Nick opted to avoid this and go on the easy part of the course. I loved this jump though it really was the most exciting part of the course. After this, there is another bit of climbing and the last zip line and then the course is over.

This was such a fun day out and I really wish we had done it sooner. GoApe really is perfect for a memorable day out for couples, friends and families. We spent the whole day laughing. There is an age limit on the courses (it’s 10+) but you can find out all the details on their website here.

Be prepared to get a bit dirty, it’s an outdoor course and this is all part of the fun!

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34 replies on “A Day Out at GoApe.

  1. This looks like such a fun thing to do! I loved your photos Evie! There is actually a Go Ape not far from me but I’ve never been, I think I’ll make an effort to go sometime, it looks like a great way to challenge yourself and have a lot of laughs too. Thanks for sharing ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  2. I recently did something similar to this in Center Parcs and I always used to end up spinning around and going the wrong way on the zip lines too! Good on you for choosing the hardest paths! I love a challenge too, I think I would love Go Ape, it is something I am going to think about doing in the future, the skateboard looks fun! Great post, I can tell you had an amazing time and I am glad! x

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