It is currently 11.24pm on the 1st of October and I have decided I am going to participate in Blogtober 2018. This is a blog challenge to post every day in October. As I hadn’t been planning on participating this is just going to be an introduction on what to expect from me this month.

I’m not quite sure what has made me decide to do this. My blogging schedule has been all over the place recently, I’ve started a new job working more hours than before and I’m back at university. Hopefully, this challenge shows me I can stick to a blogging schedule.

Posting daily when you haven’t planned for it is going to be challenging. I was originally planning to do 3 posts a week this month but when I was writing down my blog ideas I noticed I had a few more ideas than 3 posts a week.

For blogtober, there will be at least one fashion, one lifestyle and one beauty post from me each week but I’m not yet sure what will fill the other days of the week. Whether this is going to work out or not I’m not sure but there is something refreshing about sitting down each day and writing a new blog post.

Are you participating in Blogtober this year? Or have you ever done a daily blogging challenge? Let me know in the comments!


Posted by:everythingevening

I am a 21 year old Marketing Student living in Dundee. I want to use this blog to talk about things to do in Dundee whilst also talking about my love for make-up, fashion and sneakers.

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