October is the perfect month for watching all of my favourite scary movies. The weather is usually terrible, it’s dark earlier and it’s just the perfect time to cosy up with someone and watch something scary. I’m not one for gore and prefer psychological horrors.


This movie is one I haven’t watched in a while but I absolutely love it. This is about a man who has 23 personalities but there is another one lurking that no one knows about. He abducts 3 girls and hides out with them in an underground facility. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that hasn’t seen it but the unknown personality is almost superhuman.

Get Out

I would recommend this movie to everyone. It is so good and I never expected any of the twists it took. I have never paid so much attention to a movie before in my life. It was so tense throughout and I absolutely loved it. This about a couple that goes away for the weekend to meet the girlfriend’s parents. At first, the family act weird and Chris – the boyfriend – puts it down to them dealing with their daughter’s interracial relationship but as the weekend goes on he discovers a disturbing secret. This is so well written and is probably my favourite movie of the year.


I feel like this is a movie everyone watches when they are 12. I remember this being one of the movies we’d watch at a girl’s sleepover to terrify ourselves in to not sleeping. It’s still one of my favourites but it’s not too scary anymore. A family move into a house and the son falls into an unexplainable coma, where he becomes a vessel for ghosts.

There are 4 movies but the first one is still the best one.

And the last thing I want to mention isn’t a movie but a TV series and this is the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House. This is a 10 episode series that is so well made. This has had me jumping and refusing to go to sleep until I’ve watched something happy. I’d highly recommend it.

What are your favourite horror movies? Let me know in the comments!


Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

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