Since we are all thinking about Christmas I thought I would do a post about my Christmas wishlist. I love reading posts like this as it really helps me with inspiration for my own list.

This year we have actually been doing up our flat to make it more homely. So I’ve actually already been gifted homeware things like cushions and curtains from my parents. (I’m such a boring adult now.) But this is what is currently on my treat yo’ self-list.

HP Sprocket

This was on my birthday wishlist but I still haven’t got round to purchasing it. I really want to start scrapbooking all of my memories in the New Year and after seeing this featured in a Zoella vlog of her doing exactly that it’s something I am now prioritising to purchase. This ranges in price from £99 to £135.

hp sprocket

Beauty Bay Eyeshadow Palette Origin

This year I wanted to become better at eyeshadow. I’ve been practising with some smaller palettes and can now comfortably do my eyeshadow. These beauty bay palettes just look incredible and for the price point, I really can’t complain. For £25 you get 42 eyeshadow shades. I was really struggling to pick between them but this is the one I think I would get the most use out of. I’m really hoping they come back in stock soon!

beauty bay

Moschino – Pink Fresh Couture

This perfume caught my eye because of the novelty bottle. I really love the packaging for this but it also smells amazing. I haven’t purchased a new perfume for myself in years so I think it’s time for a new one.


Nintendo Switch

I used to love playing my DS and my PSP when I was growing up. Every year they were taken on holiday with us and they used to keep me so entertained. I think the Nintendo Switch is such a good. It’s portable but you can also use it with your TV. This is the most expensive thing on my list priced at £270.


M2K Tekno’s – Particle Beige

And it wouldn’t be a wishlist post without including sneakers. I absolutely love these shoes and I know they are a passing trend but this is something I would still wear regardless of them being a trend or not. I’ve worn my pink ones so much more than I thought I would. These are £90 but I love them.


And that is everything on my Christmas list! What are you hoping for this Christmas? Let me know in the comments!


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I am a 22-year-old, student blogger based in Dundee, Scotland. I focus on Fashion, Travel, Food and Lifestyle all on a student budget. My blog started as I was learning about the city I was in and wanted to share it with other people who may be moving there.

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