As I’m not feeling too well today I thought I would do a shorter post. So today we’re talking about my goals for December.

  1.  Get through exam season – this is the most important goal for this month. My exam season doesn’t actually end until the 19th which is so late.
  2.  Complete Blogmas – I attempted to do blogtober but it didn’t go too well. I’m hoping this month goes a bit better as I’ve put a bit more planning into this.
  3.  Finish redecorating – Over the last few months we’ve been changing some of the rooms about and I want to finally finish our living room.
  4.  Finish a book – I’m wanting to switch off a bit more before bed and this is the perfect way to do it. This also helps me complete my yearly goal of reading a book a month.
  5.  Finalise Christmas shopping – We have almost finished our Christmas shopping and only have a few more bits to get so I want to get this out of the way asap.
  6.  Purchase a new bullet journal – I want to make a start on my bullet journal set up before January so I’m going to purchase one before Christmas.
  7.  Post on Instagram daily – I have really wanted to up my content on Instagram as it’s one of the best ways to grow. As I have exam leave I have a bit of time to take some photos.
  8.  Eat less takeaway – because I am so busy in December I find we become a bit lazier when it comes to cooking. I don’t want to waste the money on take aways and it’s also not that healthy.
  9.  Go to the gym 3 times a week – I’ve finally joined a gym near me so I want to make the most of my membership and go a few times a week.
  10. Visit Edinburgh Botanic Gardens – Our trip to Edinburgh last month was rained out and we also didn’t realise this was on so we are hoping to visit Edinburgh again and go see the Christmas lights at the Botanic Gardens.

And that is all of my goals for December, it’s probably the busiest month of the year for me! What are you hoping to complete this December? Let me know in the comments!

Posted by:everythingevening

I am a 21 year old Marketing Student living in Dundee. I want to use this blog to talk about things to do in Dundee whilst also talking about my love for make-up, fashion and sneakers.

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