When Moonpig got in touch with me to invite me along to a blog event I was so excited. Moonpig is a brand I have used for years to personalise cards. Each year for Nick’s birthday I make a card personalised with all the silly photos we have taken over that year.

For this event I was allowed to bring a plus one, although it would have been great to take my Dad along, it was the day before our holiday so I opted to include Nick.

The event was held in the Contini Cannonball Restaurant and Bar and I had an idea of where it was but I didn’t realise just how close to the castle the restaurant was. This was the view from one of the upstairs window!


On arrival, we were greeted by the Moonpig team who were so friendly and then some of the restaurant staff who offered us prosecco. As I was driving I opted for something non-alcoholic and was pleasantly surprised when the barman reappeared with an alcohol-free white wine spritz for me. We had a short presentation from Moonpig before being split into groups and heading for the activities.

Card Making

Our group was the first to begin the card making. We went downstairs where it was all set up. We chose a background and then stood in front of the green screen and take a few different funny photos. It was really funny seeing everyone pose when you couldn’t see the background they had chosen.


We had a look at the photographs to see how they turned out and then moved to our own laptop to pick the design of the card and write a message in them.

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou / www.instagram.com/egphotographer

We opted for the Wanted poster for my Father’s Day card. I really could not keep a serious face at all for this photo despite the efforts of the photographer!

Moonpig 019


When Nick and myself go out for food we are one of the most awkward couples to feed. He is gluten free & dairy free and I am dairy free/egg free. Yet the moonpig staff and restaurant were so accommodating of this even bringing Nick over his own gluten-free rolls to go along with his food.


The tables were beautifully set out for us and it was an almost buffet style lunch with different bowls across the table to just take what we liked from. This was actually really nice as it got us talking to the people we were sat with. The menus also had a little map to show where everything came from which was actually really nice to see. All very sustainably sourced within Scotland.


Cocktail Making 

From lunch, we headed for a cocktail masterclass with Michael from Edinburgh Gin. I absolutely love Edinburgh Gin so I was really excited about this. We got to make two cocktails, a Rhubarb and Ginger Highball and a Perthshire Negroni.


Photography: Elouisa Georgiou / www.instagram.com/egphotographer

that concentration though

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou / www.instagram.com/egphotographer

We also got to try out the brand new Rhubarb and Ginger Gin in one of the cocktails, I did have a little sip of this and it was so delicious!


We got a little bit competitive trying to see who could make the best cocktail but this was so much fun and an activity I think myself and Nick will be doing for a date night very soon.


Food Masterclass

From the cocktail making, we headed upstairs for a food masterclass with Andy from Contini. We watched him shuck oysters before being given the chance to try it for ourselves. I had never tried oysters before and gave it a go but it’s really not my thing. Nick, on the other hand, loved them. We then moved on to making scallops and a cheeseboard.



After this, it was time to go home, well for us head for food and towards the hotel. Moonpig were very kind to gift each of us a hamper which was really generous. I have actually already gifted mine to my Dad as I won’t be home for Father’s Day and he was really impressed with it.


I have used Moonpig multiple times over the years for personalised cards but I did overlook the gifts that they offer. You can check out everything Moonpig have to offer here! There’s plenty of time to order from them before Fathers Day!

We had a lovely day with Moonpig and I can’t thank them enough for inviting us.

Have you ever used Moonpig before? What do you think of the hamper? Let me know in the comments!


*This was a gifted experience and a few of these photos were taken by Elouisa. 


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