* I was gifted these tickets in exchange for a review however all views and opinions are my own.

On Sunday night myself and Nick went along to see The Lady Boys of Bangkok show. I had been seeing posters advertising it about Dundee for a few weeks so when the email came in offering me tickets I took the chance to see what it was like.

I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into but I know they have performed in Dundee before and it always seems to be really busy. The Lady Boys of Bangkok are a group of 16 Thai national boys, who dress as female performers. This tour was the Greatest Showgirls where they performed a range of songs such as Beyonce and Kylie, to more traditional cabaret songs and obviously some Greatest Showman songs. The show is performed cabaret-style allowing you to enjoy traditional Thai food and drinks throughout the show. It also allows for some audience participation.

As we arrived, the tent was already really noisy, everyone was in a really good mood. The waiting area of the tent had a bar, some photo opportunity areas such as cars, flashing signs, statues, a gift shop, and food.

We were sat at a table very close to the stage, and although we didn’t know the rest of the table before the show we were all laughing, singing and dancing together by the end of it. The first half of the show was really good, it was made up of pop songs that the audience could sing along to and some more slow songs that were performed really well.


My favourite part of the show was how interactive it was with the audience. The performers were in and out of the audience and definitely knew how to make you feel part of the show. Audience members were pulled up on stage, for some innocent things like carpool karaoke or some dancing to more 18+ content where a member of the audience was pulled up on stage by two of the performers, tied to a chair and blindfolded. Another performer then added a sign to the stage that said Paradise before being unfolded to reveal the word lapdancing.

This part of the show had me in absolute hysterics as it was actually Nick that was pulled up onto the stage. Our whole table was laughing and cheering. I’ve only put up a small clip but the original video is 3 minutes long and when Nick went to the bar at the interval everyone was asking him if he had fun and if he got excited in a wink wink nudge nudge kinda way.

There was also a skit from RuPaul’s Drag Race, which was absolutely hilarious and performed perfectly.

The second act was started with a notice informing the audience that it was okay to get up and dance, if your view was obscured by people dancing then you were encouraged to get up and join in too. The second half was more focused on the male performers with songs such as the YMCA where the majority of the audience was on their feet dancing along too.



The finale kicked off with a song from the Greatest Showman, since the title of the tour was ‘The Greatest Showgirls.’ but unlike the finale, for the rest of the UK, they then paid tribute to Scotland. The dancers came out in kilts with Scotland flags and performed a number of songs that every Scottish person can sing along to all the words. At this point, the whole tent was up on their feet dancing and singing along together. It was such a nice ending to the show and everyone left smiling.



For me, this was totally something I would never have thought to go along too, but it was such a laugh and just good fun. Nick enjoyed himself far more than he thought too. It’s something that our friends now want to go along too and although it is only in Dundee until July 6th, the tour is continuing around the UK. I personally am considering getting a group of friends together for the Glasgow show as it really is the perfect night for getting a bit drunk and having a laugh with friends, whilst singing and dancing along to some good music and fantastic performances. You can find all the information for the rest of the tour here.


Have you seen The Lady Boys of Bangkok? Do you now want to? Let me know in the comments!




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