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I’m a sucker for cards, I love the messages people write in cards and I also love having handwriting from relatives as it’s something to treasure when you lose them.

That being said as I don’t live at home it’s not always easy to send cards. I need to get people’s addresses so I can never really surprise anyone, I never have stamps in and it’s time-consuming, That’s where Paperless Post comes in. This is a company that you can send invitations, cards, and flyers online. All you need is the email address of the recipient of your card.

pp blog 1

I chose to send this one to some friends over the holidays and they loved it. It was such a nice way to wish them a Happy New Year via a card in an email rather than just a quick text.


Once you’ve chosen a card, you can customize the background, text, and envelope.


After this, you just type in who you want to send it to and that’s you, job done!

Paperless Post also allows you to track the post you send and it tells you when the recipient has opened it. Which is great if you were to send out invitations and were waiting on responses.

I think the pricing is also pretty reasonable. You buy coins to use on their website and different cards cost different coins. When you create the account you get 25 coins for free and then to add more 25 coins cost £8. The card I sent to one person was 4 coins. I think this works out at about 32p per card sent which is a lot less than posting a physical card.

Overall this is a great alternative to sending ‘normal post.’ It’s a lot less time consuming, there is a great variety to choose from and you can even upload your own designs. I definitely think I’ll be sending out invitations and thank you cards from here from now on.

Would you ever use online invitations/cards? Would this be easier for you? Let me know in the comments!



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