Last year I wrote a blog post about where I wanted to travel for the year. I’ve got 20 places I want to visit in my 20’s and am slowly ticking them off. 


We are heading for a weekend away to Oban this month. We visited just outside of Oban last year for a hot tub lodge but this year we are staying right in Oban. We’re actually going for one of Nick’s cousin’s engagement party but I am hoping to see some of Oban alongside this.


This is another weekend that we already have booked. For Christmas Nick bought me tickets to go and see the Lion King Musical! This has been something I have wanted to go and see for years and it’s going to be a really nice weekend away.


Paris was on my list last year but it was a longshot and it just didn’t happen. This time around we have booked the flights so it is definitely happening. I am so excited and cannot wait to explore Paris as the only time I have been was for a school trip.

I plan to turn 23 in Disneyland!


This has been on my list for a while. We are either going to extend the Paris trip and head to Amsterdam or do a long weekend later in the year. Nick actually lived in Holland for a few years so I would love to see where he grew up and just experience Amsterdam.


This is my family holiday, we visit almost every year and have done since I was 3. It’s like a home away from home and the minute I step off the plane I instantly relax. I’m hoping that we can all go as it will probably be a winter holiday rather than a summer one!


I’m hopeful that we can tick off everything on my list this year! Where are you hoping to visit in 2020? Let me know in the comments!